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Watch the following video to see how you can make a difference

REFRAIN from activities that are harmful to nature

For example:

  • Refrain from directly damaging the land, ocean and wildlife around you (e.g. avoid filling in ponds, damaging coral reefs or needlessly cutting down native vegetation)

  • Refrain from using harmful chemicals that damage nature (e.g. avoid unnecessary use of pesticides and chemical cleaning products with harmful compounds)

  • Refrain from buying products that are damaging to nature (e.g. avoid eating beef; avoid unsustainable seafood; avoid single-use plastics; avoid fast fashion)

REDUCE harmful activities that you can’t avoid

For example:

  • Reduce plastic pollution by decreasing your use of plastic packaging, reusing bag and cups, and disposing of all waste responsibly

  • When harvesting plants or fruits, always leave enough for them to regrow

  • Reduce the impact of your diet by switching to a low-meat diet

  • Reduce your food waste by planning meals and storing food carefully

  • Reduce the impact of any clothing items to buy, by purchasing second hand or sustainable fabrics, and purchasing good quality items that last longer

  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down on flights and car journeys

RESTORE nature where it has been harmed

For example:

  • Restore your local lands and waterways by participating in litter clean-up events

  • Restore vegetation by planting native trees and wildflowers, on your own land or by joining a volunteer group

  • Restore wildlife by installing nest-boxes and feeding stations for birds and bats

RENEW nature by transforming your own and other people’s relationship with nature

For example:

  • Renew nature by participating in local, national and global conservation efforts however you can (e.g. volunteering your time or giving donations)

  • Renew your own and others’ relationships with nature, by enjoying time in nature with your friends and family, and talking with them about nature and what we can all do to help it

  • Renew nature by voting for politicians who are committed to caring for nature and by campaigning for policy change

  • Renew nature through bringing environmental sustainability into your workplace, school and wider community

  • Renew nature through building or joining a wider movement for change and inspiring and supporting others to make a change